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Cookies are used on TrigpointingUK for the purposes of maintaining login sessions. They are also used by [Piwik] to provide website usage stats.

Email Addresses

Users are not currently required to provide an email address, unless they wish to add a new trigpoint to the database (or, obviously, they request to receive notifications by email). However, it is expected that over time, an increasing proportion of the functionality of the website will require users to have a validated email address.

Users have the option as to whether their email address should publicly displayed as a link, as an obfuscated text field, or hidden from the general public.

All TrigpointingUK admins have access to all user email addresses, regardless of the display preferences above. The admins reserve the right to pass an email address on to whomever they see fit. However, to the extent allowed by law: users' email addresses will never be deliberately disclosed in bulk to a third party; they will never be deliberately disclosed to a third party who is unsupportive of TrigpointingUK; we would generally forward 3rd party requests for an individual hidden email addresses to the affected user, rather than passing the user's email address back to the 3rd party.

To date, no bulk emails have ever been sent out to all TrigpointingUK users. However the admins reserve the right to do so, should circumstances dictate (eg in the event of a security breach to the site).

Geolocation privacy

The nature of the TrigpointingUK website makes it inevitable that information about users' locations is stored. There is always the chance that this locational information could be inadvertently disclosed by hacking or bugs in the code.

Users should be aware when entering dates and times against logs, that this information will provide the general public with discrete snapshots of their location over time. If patterns are to be found in this data, it could potentially be used to predict users future movements, possibly to their disadvantage.

The "home" locations entered by website users, to make searching easier, will not generally be disclosed to other users of the website.

The Android App has access to the user's location at all times while it is running. However, this location is not sent back to the TrigpointingUK website (except when explicitly added to a log by the user), nor is it used for any other purpose than the immediate and visible functionality provided by the App.


There is minimal advertising displayed on the TrigpointingUK website. No 3rd party advertisers are involved, nor is there any intention to do so in the future. No user information will ever be disclosed to advertising companies. All adverts shown on the TrigpointingUK website are individually vetted by the admins, and only accepted if judged to be of direct relevance to the trigpointing community.

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