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A cut is a simple scored mark on a pre-existing structure. It may be a roof station, such as a on church tower or water tank, or a ground station, such as a drain surround. Not surprisingly, all those that have been found so far are ground stations.

A cut mark on a drain surround
A cut mark on an inspection hatch

102 cut marks are listed on T:UK; over half of these are recorded as destroyed. In addition, there are stations with multiple marks listed under a different type; for example, a roof station might comprise a centre, a rivet and a cut mark. Clipstone Forestry Tower was unusual in that the station comprised a cross-cut on the tower and a surface block.

As listed on T:UK, 3 cuts are 2nd order, 23 are 3rd order, 62 are 4th order, 10 are 13th order GPS and 4 are included in the Passive Network.