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A Peg at Cut Hill
Reference to a temporary peg at Coleby

A 'Peg' is an uncommon type of triangulation mark. 5 instances are recorded in the OSGB36 list [1] as follows:

T:UK Station name Order Computed Block
TP8022 Balmuildy Aux 3 1990 NS77
TP9968 Bascule Bridge 4 1952 TQ87
TP8855 Birling Place 3 1991 TQ87
TP8856 Cut Hill 2 1976 SX76
TP9969 Pantylldu Fach 4 1948 SN61

Bascule Bridge is recorded as an iron peg, destroyed in 1983. The peg at Pantylldu Fach was destroyed in 1949.

The wooden peg at Cut Hill still exists but is reported to be in poor condition. It is described in the OSGB36 list as a 'Temporary mark'.

Elsewhere, prior to the construction of some pillars and blocks, a wooden peg would be left as a temporary mark by a Reconnaissance Party. It appears that, for Cut Hill, the peg was never replaced.