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A 'Punch Mark' is an uncommon type of type of triangulation mark.

17 instances are recorded in the OSGB36 list [1]. Mark descriptions include "On vent", "On iron bolt" and "In Aluminium square". Locations include Water tanks, Reservoirs and Church towers. No Punch Mark has yet been found and no photographs exist.

T:UK Station name Order Computed Block
TP12013 Lint Brae 3 1961 HY52
TP24888 Potters Wood Wtr Tank 4 1957 TQ53
TP11128 Druggon Hill Wtr Tank 4 1966 NZ42
TP22025 Peter Brotherhood Wtr Tank 4 1961 TF22
TP17486 Rufforth Aero Wtr Tank 3 1954 SE38
TP18658 Manvers Main Colly No 1 Headgear 4 1954 SK39
TP13046 Ringstone Hill Resr 3 1974 SK39
TP11218 Cleave Control Twr 4 1953 SS30
TP20238 Stratton Resr 4 1953 SS30
TP13483 Lincoln St Marys Ch Twr 3 1980 TF05
TP13543 Sunlight House Aux 3 1979 SD80
TP13046 Ringstone Hill Resr 3 1980 SK39
TP21554 Guildford Cathedral 4 1981 SU77
TP13483 Lincoln St Marys Ch Twr 3 1988 TF05
TP22391 Irthlingborough Sec Mod School 4 1962 TL05
TP22610 Peters Green Wtr Tank (1980) 4 1980 TL32
TP24593 Alpha Clay Plant 4 1956 TQ47


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