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There are 15 instances of an electricity pylon being used as a trig mark in the OSGB36 list [1]. Pylons are classified as Intersected Stations in TP:UK.

T:UK Station name Order Computed Block
TP13428 Boston North Power Pylon 3 1950 TF47
TP13431 Boston South Power Pylon 3 1950 TF47
TP17093 Carron Crag Pylon 3 1950 SD47
TP22257 High Pylon East 4 1948 TG41
TP22258 High Pylon West 4 1948 TG41
TP15907 Kincardine Bridge West Pylon 3 1947 NS77
TP20064 Mop End Farm Electricity Pylon 4 1959 SP91
TP24023 North High Pylon 3 1945 TQ47
TP17632 Ousefleet High Pylon 3 1950 SE91
TP18206 Pylon 4 1948 SJ95
TP24793 Pylon 139 4 1957 TQ53
TP24047 South High Pylon 3 1945 TQ47
TP14964 Tall Pylon On Golf Course 4 1942 SU31
TP21011 Turn Pylon 3 1970 SU31
TP17636 Yokefleet High Pylon 3 1950 SE91

In addition, the trig station named Roding Bridge NW Pylon is a bolt whilst another trig simply named Pylon is a block.