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The topograph at Tor Hill

Three topographs are listed in T:UK. These are:

T:UK Station name Order Computed Block
TP7637 Douglas Park 3 1958 NS04
TP7939 Tor Hill 2 1988 ST57
TP7314 Toys Hill 4 1953 TQ53

The Tor Hill Topograph may be a replacement for the nearby trig pillar which was recorded as destoyed in 1987. The station also includes an 'Old trig' (likely to be a buried block).

Elsewhere, trig pillars have been adapted for use as a topograph. For example, Beacon Fell where a circular plate covers the top.

The pillar at Hindhead features a National Trust plaque and emblem. In addition the spider has been replaced by a topograph. The pillar originally included a collecting-box, as illustrated on page 182 of The History of the Retriangulation of Great Britain

In the case of Brown Clee Hill, the pillar was demolished in 2006 and replaced by a topgraph.