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There are 5 instances of a turret appearing in the OSGB36 list as a type of trig mark [1] of which 2 are destroyed. Others turrets occur in the list but are classified as Centres. Turrets are classified as Intersected Stations in TP:UK.

T:UK Station name Order Computed Block
TP9970 Melbourne Terrace Meth Ch Turret 3 1954 SE97
TP9082 Munstead Wtr Twr 3 1951 SU77
TP8735 Roggiett Ch Turret 4 1951 ST57
TP9081 St Michaels Ch Twr Turret 4 1943 NT48
TP9218 Viewforth Ch Twr Turret 4 1943 NT48


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