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A 'Wire' is an uncommon type of 3rd order triangulation mark.

7 instances are recorded in the OSGB36 list [1] and all are associated with Colliery headgear. In T:UK the 'Wire' marks, along with marks of other types, occur within 4 triangulation stations. These stations have all beeen destroyed and there are no known photographs.

The trig stations which included these 'Wire' marks were:

T:UK Station name Order Computed Block
TP16550 Algernon Colliery Headgear, West Rope 3 1947 NZ29
TP16550 Algernon Colliery Headgear, East Rope 3 1947 NZ29
TP14654 Reedley Colliery Shaft, West Wire 3 1949 SD74
TP14654 Reedley Colliery Shaft, East Wire 3 1949 SD74
TP17196 Rishton Colliery Shaft, South Wire 3 1949 SD74
TP17196 Rishton Colliery Shaft, North Wire 3 1949 SD74
TP18738 Watnall Colliery, Wire Centre 3 1938 SK54


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